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Bio-coal briquettes which are made from both biomass and coal

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Biomass coal briquettes, we also call it bio-coal briquettes, which are made from biomass and coal, are readily available, cheap and affordable. Bio-coal briquettes are produced by mixing biomass (all kinds of agriculture wastes) and coal fines, then briquetting via roller press.
Researchers make the bio-coal briquettes with different aims and objectives, depending on the demands of each problem to be solved. Bio-coal briquettes is a kind of alternative engergy, which is produced for the purpose of concerns about depletion and the high cost of fossil fuel, and taking the idea to utilize agricultural wastes which are much around us, cheap and environmentally friendly energy. The agricultural wastes usually have a low calorific value, so to increase the calorific value of bio-coal briquettes, we adds coal which has high calorific value to biomass. Besides, it can improve the physical properties of coal briquettes by mixing biomass. The bio-coal briquette is usually made, to utilize low grade coal, mixed with fermented biomass, to achieve the good comprehensive performance of bio-coal briquettes.

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