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Coal fines briquetting using sawdust as addition and molasses as a binder

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In the studies, coal fines briquetting, mixed with sawdust, and molasses as a binder is explored as an good option to improve the properties of coal briquettes. First, coal fines value added to a high strength briquette. Second, sawdust and molasses added to decrease the shatter index of the briquette. Third, briquette with high calorific value obtained.
Coal fines with particle size of 2mm were used for briquetting, and this particle size was achieved through sieving. A hydraulic type coal briquette machine was used to make rectangular coal briquettes with size of 40x30x20mm. Briquetting process was done at normal pressure. Coal fines were mixed with sawdust. Molasses, which is a waste product in the sugar manufacturing industry was used as a binder. Calcium hydroxide, as a desulphirizing agent, was added to minimize environmental pollution. The study has proven that addition of coal fines and sawdust to briquettes using molasses as a binder can improve the properties of coal briquettes.

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