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Vertical dryer


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Vertical dryer is one kind of efficient drying equipment for coal briquettes in coal production field. It has the advantages of small investment, good effect, small occupied area and wear-free operation. So the vertical dryer is ideal for large and medium-sized coal briquetting production line.
The whole set of vertical dryer consists of induced fan, heating stove, dryer body, dust-collecting system, feeding system and discharging part. (Heating stove, foundation, construction works is in users’ side. )
Working principle
The hot air is induced into the heating pipes through the hot air pipes inside the dryer body. During the exchange process between the high temperature hot air and coal briquettes, the water is taken away and the humidity reaches to the low level. The coal briquettes fall down to the bottom under the gravity action, the discharging conveyor transports the dried briquettes out of the drying body.
After drying process by dryer, the metallurgical briquettes or coal briquettes strength can be guaranteed, that is because the materials usually will be mixed the binding materials. Only after drying, the adhesive materials can have good effect. This requires drying machine to accelerate hardening, which saves time and space, and ensures product quality. Especially in winter production, the effect is more good, which shows the importance of drying.
vertical dryer

Small investment, small occupied area, low operating costs, high drying efficiency, high output, more conducive to environmental protection.
Models & Specifications
Model Moisture before dring Moisture after drying Drying time Power Capacity  
 HSLS2200  8-13%  1.5-3%  2-2.5/h  22KW 5t  
HSLS2600  8-13%  1.5-3%  2-2.5/h  22KW 6t  
 HSLS2800  8-13%  1.5-3%  2-2.5/h  37KW 8t  
HSLS3000  8-13%  1.5-3%  2-2.5/h  37KW 10t  
Special models can be customized according to clients’ needs.
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  • 3 tons/h coal briquette press

  • 5 tons/h coal briquette press

  • 10 tons/h coal briquette press